Gym Workout to Make Stunning Body without Supplements

By | March 23, 2020

Making an attractive body with Gym Workout is a really difficult task without supplements i.e PROTEIN. As supplements provide you extra boost for the time being but do you know that it can lead to astonishing side effects such as stomach problems. So here I have brought a few alternatives which can really help you grow bigger arms in the gym and help you make an attractive & stunning body in the gym without supplements!

1. Banana and Oats Before Gym Workout:

Get 2-3 bananas and put it into the grinder, then put 2 tablespoons of white oat and grind it for 3 minutes. Your shake is ready to serve!

Benefits of Oats and Banana With Gym Workout:

Both oatmeal and bananas contain soluble and insoluble fiber, each of which helps you maintain proper bowel health. Soluble fiber also helps to lower your cholesterol level. So, increasing the amount in your breakfast by adding a banana to your oatmeal is a healthy choice.

Gym Workout

                       Gym Workout to Make Stunning Body without Supplements

2. Banana and Peanut Butter

Bananas also contain high quality protein and fibers and so is the peanut butter. You just need to take 2-3 bananas, add some milk and then put 2 spoons of peanut butter. The shake will be ready with chocolaty color and delicious.

Benefits of Banana and Peanut Butter :

Peanut butter is a source of healthy fats. But Bananas also contain high calories to maintain your body and also protein to provide the best shape to the body.

Gym Workout

Benefits of Banana and Peanut Butter

3. Milk, Banana, Peanut Butter combination

The third alternative is very detailed. It covers the above two alternatives and according to research it is the best alternative of protein powder. You can easily make it at home.

You will require 1 banana, 1 cup of oats, 1 spoon peanut butter, 5 eggs (white only) and 1/2 Liter Fresh Cow Milk.

How To Make it?

Take a jug and put 1 banana in it, then add 1/2 liter of Fresh full cream milk and 1 cup of white oats. Then add a spoon of Peanut Butter and at last you need to put 5 eggs white only, Ignore egg yolk.



  • 500 ml Milk contains 18 gm protein, 22 gm Carb and 16 gm Fats.
  • 1 BANANA contains 1 gm protein, 22 gm Carb and 0.3 gm Fats.
  • 1 Cup OATS contains 8 gm protein, 40 gm Carb and 3 gm Fats.
  • 1 Spoon Peanut Butter contains 3 gm protein, 2 gm Carb and 6 gm Fats.
  • 5 EGG White contains 20 gm protein, 0 gm Carb and 1 gm Fats.


Hence, Your shake is ready and you can take it after a Gym workout. Taking this drink every day will help you make a strong body and bigger arms. It also helps in growing Biceps.